Manufactures of all types of spare parts for Variable Auto Transformer, Delrin Gears, Bakelite Handles for Non-stick Coockware, Roti Maker, Appam Tawa.

Variac spares
Variac Spare PArts
  Spares For Variac ( Dimmer)
  Plastic Moulded Gears ( Derlin )
  Range of Disc
  Servo Motors
  Spare Parts & Products
   Cooking Range
  PF Moulding Powder
  Powder Phenolic Resin (Unmodified )

1) Spares For Variac ( Dimmer)

2) Plastic Moulded Gears ( Derlin )

3) Range of Disc

4) Servo Motors
5) Spare Parts & Products
6) PF Moulding Powder
7) Powder Phenolic Resin ( Unmodified )